Dwellings premiered as a public installation in Los Sures’ Sternberg (aka Lindsay) Park in June of 2014. In this first iteration, a temporary living room was constructed from abandoned furniture collected from homes and streets throughout the neighborhood. At the center of this living room tableau was a television, and on its screen the streets that border the Los Sures neighborhood. Passersby were invited to take a seat and listen as residents living within these borders shared what the word “home” means to them.


Dwellings constructs a nuanced portrait of the changing neighborhood of Los Sures through an exploration of the varying ways “home” is felt and interpreted within its geographical borders. Created from over # interviews, the piece’s power lies in the accumulation of various voices and experiences of home, and homelessness, within a place that is peopled by both longer-term and transient residents.

Excerpt from the TV visual and the headphone sound in the Dwellings installation


Sound and visuals were looped but not syncronized, meaning that the visuals would appear with differient stories while looping.

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